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Fittings, Inc. carries a large variety of clamps (including Stainless Steel Hose Clamps) in stock. We can assist you with any of the following:


Worm Drive ►Bolt-Type ►Ear Clamps
►Tube and Pipe Hangers ►Band Clamps ►Custom Clamps


We can assist you in locating the clamps you need in the following materials:

Steel, Stainless, Plastic




Stainless steel band clamping systems for agricultural, transportation, communications, utilities, construction, automotive and other industries.

Stainless Band and Buckles ● Strapping and Clips ● Jr. Smooth and Performed Clamps ● Center Punch Clamps ● Assembly Tools and Others





Comprehensive line of worm drives, T-bolts, V-Band clamps for a variety of industrial, marine and aerospace applications.


Worm Drive T-bolt Hi-Torque Liner ● Constant Torque Make-a-Clamp


Dixon manufactures air, water, steam couplings, and valves, suction hose couplings, menders, quick disconnects and clamps.  Fittings are constructed of steel, brass, stainless steel and plastic with a variety of valves and components in various materials.


King Nipples ● Quick Disconnects ● Air Component Fittings ● Garden Hose Fittings ● Menders ● Clamps ● Industrial Hose Ends (Construction, Fire Hose, Cam and Groove)


Manufacturer of complete range of DIN 3015 clamps for mounting hoses, tubes and pipes.  Weldable tube and pipe hangers in steel and stainless steel.


Light Duty ● Heavy Duty ● Tube and Pipe Clamps:  Available in Stainless Steel



Designs and manufactures clamps for industrial and commercial customers.  The product line includes worm drive clamps; constant tension, temperature compensation clamps and double wire clamps.


Worm Drive ● Constant Tension ● Temperature ● Double Wire



Offers a broad range of clamps developed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial users.  The series of 1-ear, 2-ear and stepless clamps are available in a variety of materials and easy to install as well as taper proof.  Oetiker also manufactures full flow safety couplers that can be connected and disconnected under pressure.


One Ear Clamp ● Two Ear Clamp ● Stepless Clamp ● Safety Couplers


Voss Industries Inc.


Manufacturer of special T-bolt clamps, sheet metal and machined V-retainer couplings, metal strap assemblies, sheet metal and machined flanges, ducting components and support brackets, specialty fasteners, roll-formed rings.


T-Bolt Clamps, V-Retainer Couplings ● Sheet Metal and Machined Flanges ● Support Brackets ● Specialty Fasteners ● Roll-Formed Rings


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