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For close to 50 years now Fittings, Inc. has been operating out of Seattle, Washington. Our market, once focused on the Pacific Northwest, has expanded into global communities. As has come to be expected we have continued to increase our distribution offerings to include our value-added services. Fittings, Inc. has the expert personnel ready to assist you with:

Abrasion Grinding ►Just In Time ►Certification
Auto Replenishing Kit Assembly ►Point of Use
Cleaning and Capping Custom Bundling Expediting
Pressure Testing Custom Hose Fabrication  
Production Tube Fabrication Instant Counter Service   

Fittings, Inc. will continue to adapt and respond to the changing requirements of our customers, and the marketplace at large. Our aim is to earn your respect and your business with performance that is mutually profitable.  Our investments will always include any necessary improvements for our customers in quality, service, performance and value.  We look forward to serving you.


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