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Why Fittings, Inc?  

Mission Statement

Our commitment and loyalty is to our customers. Without them we cannot exist.

We endeavor to increase our customer's profitability by providing the best combination of products, experience, and service.

We strive to fulfill the needs of our employees by creating an honest and open work environment which will reward their efforts. Our employees are our most valuable resource.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We believe in our community, and we are a good neighbor.

We are dedicated to being an industry leader in order to insure success and prosperity for our company, our customers, and our suppliers.

In all aspects of our business we will remain committed to honesty, integrity, and excellence.

Our History

Fittings, Inc. was established in 1960 as a distributor of hydraulic-industrial hose, fittings, and accessories. Based in Seattle, Washington, our focus rapidly expanded to include much of the pacific northwest region of the United States. Today, thanks to advances in communication, and the opening of new markets, we are welcoming international trade.

Recently, our efforts have been channeled to increasing our product offerings, and expanding our value-added services. Fittings, Inc. personnel have first-hand experience with specialty fabrication and kit assembly. Our capabilities also include: just in time, point of use, and auto replenish delivery methods.

Fittings, Inc. will continue to adapt and respond to the changing requirements of our customers, and the marketplace at large. Our aim is to earn your respect and your business with performance that is mutually profitable.

We are ready to serve you!

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